Huanbao SKYWELL Group was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Enterprise in Jiangsu Social Responsibility"


On March 26, the first Su Merchant Elite Conference was held in Nanjing with the theme of "Fully Power with 'Reunion' '' Su". Syrian hometown conditions, seek development, and talk about the future. Huang Hongsheng, chairman of Kaiwo Group, was invited to attend, and Kaiwo Group was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Enterprise in Jiangsu Social Responsibility".

SKYWELL Group practice the concept of green development and focus on the development of the new energy automotive industry. It is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of new energy vehicles and core components. With its high -speed development in recent years, it has become a national unicorn enterprise. As a private enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, the Kaivo Group has effectively fulfilled the social responsibility.

In terms of environmental protection, we adhere to the "green and low -carbon development, efficient use of resources", start from the source of procurement, accelerate the transformation of environmental protection and energy -saving technology, in -depth environmental protection and energy -saving work, and through the strategy of modern enterprise development of environmentally friendly and resource -saving modern enterprises. In terms of social public welfare, vigorously promote social public welfare charities, help national development and people's livelihood services, and implement the service front line in terms of outbreaks, Olympic, college entrance examinations, and poverty alleviation activities.

The college entrance examination public welfare work with the theme of "helping dreams for love" has been launched in more than 20 cities across the country. The caring public welfare team composed of Skyworth passenger cars travels through all sizes and test rooms. The convenient round -trip test room brought help. At the same time, Skyworth Automobile uses its own unique "one -click sleep" smart seat function to set up a "car station" for parents to rest, to provide parents with comfortable rest space.

In the future, SKYWELL Group will continue to implement the new development concept, actively implement corporate social responsibility, and use scientific and technological innovation to empower the high -quality development of new energy industries with intelligent and intelligent manufacturing, and carry new mission and compose new chapters with practical actions.

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