Starting a new era of mobile supplement, Skyworth Automobile Super Extraction debut at 2024 Beijing Auto Show


Driven by the new productive productivity, the automotive industry is facing an urgent need for reshaping the industrial structure and realizing the transformation and upgrading. On April 25, the 2024 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition with the theme of "New Era and New Automobile" kicked off. As a company with a deep manufacturing gene, Skyworth Motor held a press conference with the theme of "Undering · Starting the New Era of Mobile Supplementary Energy" in the afternoon. 4C high -voltage fast charging, 100kW DC discharge, Health 3.0 and other industry leading technologies, comprehensively demonstrate its forward -looking thinking and layout in the fields of new energy vehicles, technology health and other fields, and become a pioneer for driving high -quality travel in the future.

Skyworth EV6 Ⅱ Super Charging Model, Skyworth K RHD Right Rite Model Unveiling Ceremony

Wu Longba, president of Jiangsu SKYWELL, Skyworth Group, said: "Manufacturing is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of the country, the device of the country, and the foundation of the power. Skyworth is one of the benchmarks of China's manufacturing industry. Not long ago, Skyworth had just passed the 36th birthday. Based on 2024 as a new starting point, relying on the double carbon strategy and globalization strategy, it will become the driving force in the future. "

President of SKYWELL, Jiangsu, Wu Longba, co -founder of SKYWELL Group

Part. 1Double carbon strategy: optical storage is integrated

Flash charging flash release leading industry

In 2030, "Carbon Dafeng" and "Carbon Neutrality" in 2060 are major strategic decisions made by China based on the inherent requirements of promoting the responsibility of building a community of human destiny and achieving sustainable development.

In this context, Skyworth proposed the "0 carbon smart life/family solution" to realize the feat from smart home appliances to dual carbon great careers. The new energy vehicle represented by Skyworth Motors is an important part of this solution. Specifically, Skyworth Automobile gives full play to the group's layout advantage, and forms a "Skyworth New Energy Triangle" with Chuangwei Photovoltaic and Skyworth Storage Energy, creating Venture Skylight Skylightning Optical Reserve Supercharge Solutions. The road of scale.

For the super -charging technology that new energy vehicle brands are talking about, Skyworth Automobile's deep mining technology core is differentiated. Skyworth EV6 II supercharge models adopt a self -developed 800V global high -voltage platform with a maximum charging power of 490kW. It is matched with a 4C super fast battery. It can run 800 miles for 8 minutes. The industry's leading high -voltage architecture electric drive, the overall weight is only 79kg, the peak speed can reach 21,000 rpm, and the electric drive efficiency is as high as 95%. With the high -voltage platform heat pump system, the power consumption saves 67%under the heating work. The mileage of battery life is more than 20%, and the overall system is as high as 89%under CLTC.

800V-4C high-pressure fast charge

If you want to realize the "optical storage charging integration" system, it is inseparable from high -efficiency cars to flash and launch the car. Skyworth Automobile has released the world's first and only 100KW DC discharge function in the world. The vehicle can make up more than 30%of the vehicle for 10 minutes. This technology can achieve an external discharge range of 800V DC-300V DC. The maximum discharge current is greater than 500A, and the continuity of the external discharge is more than 100KW. Relying here, Skyworth EV6 II supercharging models can expand richer car use scenes, such as cars charging cars, car -to -home charging, and charging of car cabinets. Compared with the existing energy supplement vehicle, the cost of comprehensive use is lower, and the maneuver is not limited.

Part.2 Globalization Strategy: From smart families to wisdom Travel, the same brand, the same Skyworth

"Double Carbon" is considered by the country's consider from the perspective of human destiny, and benefits the world. Under the global accumulation and vision of the Skyworth brand, Skyworth Motor's products and technology developed based on the "dual carbon strategy" provided a strong support for the brand's out of the brand.

Since its establishment in 1988, the Skyworth brand has never stopped exploring. It has been both in 36 years, and the value of all Skyworth brand has now exceeded 200 billion and served 420 million users worldwide. Established in 2010, Skyworth Automobile has been exported to 66 countries around the world after 13 years of new energy vehicle technology precipitation. It has won the trust of over 100,000 consumers worldwide, and is determined to reach a goal of 100 billion yuan in 2030.

Skyworth brand global layout

The Skyworth brand has realized the global layout of the product. The business covers multiple sectors such as smart home appliances, smart technology, and new energy business. It deeply cultivates each segment area, opens the market with products, and uses technology to stand firmly. The channel layout of the Skyworth brand has also been expanded from domestic to overseas. It has established over 30,000 channel stores worldwide. A plate of chess at home and abroad has formed a global sales network through them to meet the needs of global consumers.

Relying on the advantages of the global layout of the Skyworth brand, Skyworth Automobile formulated the "Global Integrated Global Integration of Home Appliances Motors" strategy. In the overseas market, the Skyworth of Skyworth is used to consider the driving habits of different markets. Pure electricity and hybrid options bring the best product experience to local consumers. Skyworth Automobile has obtained a number of global certifications, including WVTA certification and EU certification, which highly confirms the international competitiveness of the Skyworth brand. At the Beijing Auto Show, Skyworth Skyworth K Rhd's right rudder model was officially released, and it was widely favored by overseas users.

In the new car price publicity session, Mr. Rao, general manager of Skyworth Automobile Marketing Center, said, "Skyworth Automobile's business style is slightly a bit 'rebellious', which has always been the" technology on the technology. " "The Halo Skyworth EV6 II supercharge model is no exception. The 400V polar version is 139,800 yuan, the 800V flash release version 159,800 yuan, and the 800V flash charging version is 169,800 yuan. During the auto show, there are also value -for -money, charging gifts, financial gifts, replacement gifts, health gifts, health gifts, traffic gifts, traffic gifts, intellectual association gifts, and exclusive gift packages.

Huang Hongsheng, the founder of Skyworth Group and Skyworth Automobile

By defining future travel with the top supercharge new replenishment ecology, "intelligent manufacturing" is ingenious. In the future, Skyworth Automobile will continue to be based on the double -carbon strategy and globalization strategy, dig deep into new productive productivity, continuously drives its own progress, and contribute to the development of the automotive industry, in the name of "the third space of the struggler", achieve "new Time · New Car. When it comes to the future, Huang Hongsheng, the founder of Skyworth Group and Skyworth Automobile, said: "10 billion yuan has been invested to build an ecosystem of Skyworth Automobile vendors multiplied; Create a good ecological car and help to realize the 100 -year -old life. "

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