Lin Jin, chairman of SKYWELL Group, was invited to attend the sixth meeting of the Sino -French Entrepreneurs Committee


On the afternoon of May 6, local time, President Xi Jinping and French President Macron attended the closing ceremony of the Sixth Meeting of the Sino -French Entrepreneurs Committee in Paris, and published an important speech entitled "Following the Pasting, Create a New Age of Sino -French Cooperation" Essence Lin Jin, chairman of the board of directors of Skyworth Group and chairman of SKYWELL Group, attended the opening ceremony of the meeting, the entrepreneur round table meeting and closing ceremony, and fully communicated with Sino -French entrepreneurs.

This exchange coincides with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. Sino -French relations are standing at a new historical starting point. It is understood that more than 200 people from all walks of life in China and French governments, enterprises, and other circles attended the meeting and closing ceremony. Among Chinese enterprises that also visited France, half of the state -owned enterprises and private enterprises each accounted for half. This visit may bring extensive cooperation opportunities to China France in many fields such as Green Energy.

During the conference, Mr. Lin Jin and former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Rafavan had a friendly exchange. Mr. Rafavan is a former French Prime Minister and a special representative of Chinese affairs of the French government. He has long been committed to promoting the friendly and all -round cooperation of Sino -French and China -France. He is an old friend of the Chinese people.

Skyworth Automobile has a good foundation for cooperation in France. In 2023, Skyworth Automobile signed an exclusive agent for in -depth cooperation. The procurement and sales plan of Skyworth K models in the first year exceeded thousands. France planned to open 50 dealer chain stores, opening a new pattern of Skyworth New Energy Vehicle in Europe.

Mr. Huang Hongsheng (3rd right) and Luc Chatel and former French Minister of Industry and French PFA chairman at the Beijing Auto Show Skyworth Automobile booth

On April 25, during the Beijing Auto Show, Mr. Huang Hongsheng, the founder of the French delegation, the former French Minister of Industry, the President of the Automobile Industry Platform (PFA), went to the Skyworth Automobile Put as the founder and founder of Skyworth Group and founder of Skyworth Automobile. The development of Skyworth New Energy Vehicle Industry.

During the French visit, Mr. Lin Jin signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the French PFA platform, as well as partners and related financial institutions in European countries, laying a solid foundation for Skyworth Automobile's development in Europe and France.

Participating in the Sino -French Entrepreneurs Committee is an affirmation of  SKYWELL Group Skyworth. Looking forward to the future, SKYWELL Group, as a leader in China's new energy vehicle industry, will continue to work with French and European partners to promote mutually beneficial cooperation, work together to cope with global challenges, and jointly create a more prosperous tomorrow.

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