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The MIXER Car is built with advanced hybrid technology that ensures maximum fuel efficiency. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the gas station and hello to cost-effective driving. The car's regenerative braking system is designed to recharge your car battery whenever you brake, making it even more efficient.

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Product Description

MIXER Car Feature of product:

Lightweight on the top: new structure design, the vehicle is lightly packed, the load is more, and there is no sub -frame structure lighter than the same type of products.

Economicization: Using a direct -drive motor+upper -loading motor -driven technology, the upper installation motor can operate independently, reducing the power consumption when waiting for loading and unloading, and at the same time, it is equipped with brake energy recovery, extending the mileage of the entire vehicle;

Comfortable by ride: semi -surrounding dashboard, human -machine engineering design technology, optimize the manipulator, switch and other manipulators such as the use frequency, equipped with multifunctional airbag seats, integrate use convenience and ride comfort;

Control intelligence: The vehicle control integrates 18 intelligent control of vehicle energy management, thermal management, ramp assistance start, downhill energy recovery, vehicle status safety monitoring, vehicle recruitment and vehicle use of intelligent management.

Basic parameters

long(mm)*Width(mm)*high(mm) 9865*2550*3700
Wheelbase(mm) 1850+3200+1350
Front/rear wheel distance(mm) 2020/1860
Total quality(kg) 32000/14390/17480(Total mass/reserve quality/rated load quality)
Number of workers(人) 2
Front suspension/rear suspension(mm) 1460/2005

Performance parameters

Maximum grade
Maximum speed(km/h) 88
Minimum ground clearance


The rated/peak power(kW):150/250


Battery type: lithium iron phosphate; total power (kw · h): 350; charging method: DC fast charging

Chassis system

Tire specifications: 11.00R20,12R22.5; Tire quantity: 12

Electrical appliance

Voltage (V): 24; DC/DC power (KW): 3; battery voltage (V)/capacitor (AH): 2 × 12/105

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